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For over fifty years I have made art concerning my experience of living. The journey of my life has shown me some bits of wisdom and insight. Over all, I believe that the feminine archetype in human experience and in nature has been under-represented and out of balance. The loss of feeling values, the intuition, the importance of relationships to one another and to all living things has brought us to wars, global warming, addiction and violence in our everyday culture which is more about numbers and competition than being a human being.

This mass dehumanization and the crude mass thinking that follows is something we need to come to terms with and to heal.

artist self portrait

In spite of all obstacles, I affirm life. I do have hope. There is the mystery of the flame of spiritual life that resides in us all. As an oncology chaplain I have seen this spark break through years of apathy or brokenness to bless the world with love, reconciliation and new life. This is what I make art about.

~Margaret Carroll

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