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Artist's Statement...
Strength can be as quiet as the deep listening skills of a mom hearing out her teenage daughter.... It can be as patient as growing a garden. It can be as wise as an elder telling stories of being raised in a log cabin in the wilderness of the North Woods of Minnesota. It can be the courage it takes to face tremendous childhood pain or abuse and overcome it. It can be the sensitivity it takes to make a beautiful piece of art or write a fine poem. It can be the courage it takes to face one’s forthcoming death at the age of thirty three.

Strength like this oftentimes comes unannounced, oftentimes unappreciated or even invisible by the standards of our fast-paced culture that is so quick to judge by fame and fortune. But none of that exterior glitter really matters. What matters is that we travel the journeys of our lives with love, compassion, courage and integrity. As theologian Reinhold Niebhur states, “We love each other into becoming.” That is what matters most in the end.

Both of these series have an underlying common thread in that they mirror the feminine part of the psyche (both Mother Earth and portraits of women). I feel that the human race is out of balance with so much aggression, war, devastation, etc. I choose to honor the values of relationship, waiting, intuition, feeling, silence and birthing.

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